This is list of questions that are frequently asked by our customers. If you still have questions about our services contact us using this online form. Our highly responsive staff will get back to you ASAP

Question : So exactly what do you offer ?
Answer : We take your designs (PSD, AI, JPG, PNG, TIFF) and convert them to standard compliant, hand-coded, table-less XHTML/CSS based layout. We also implement designs into CMS theme / template / skins for blogs, shopping carts, ecommerce platforms, web apps.
Question : So how much do you charge for these services ?
Answer : The pricing is according to number of pages, turnout time and options selected. Our order page calculates estimated costs automatically. Contact us if you want exact quote.
Question : What are different discounts you offer ?
Answer : We offer 50% discount on additional sub pages. There is also 10% discount on whole order amount for returning customers. We also offer bulk order discounts. Contact us if you want discounts on bulk order.
Question : I don't have design will you design websites also ?
Answer : Yes we do contact us to get free quote on your website.
Question : What about web development/programming ?
Answer : Contact us with your project details for us to provide quote.
Question : Do you offer sIFR ?
Answer : Yes we do it is a great way to add non-websafe fonts in your designs.
Question : What javascript framework do you use ?
Answer : We work with jQuery, Moo Tools, Prototype, Script.aculo.us, YUI Libarary and Dojo frameworks.
Question : Which email clients you test HTML emails on ?
Answer : We test HTML emails on all major email clients both web based and desktop based which includes Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Apple mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird.
Question : What browsers do you support ?
Answer : We support IE 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari, Opera 9+ and Google Chrome. We test websites on mac, windows and linux platforms.

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